I would assume that if you’re looking at this blog you already know a bit about me and my current travel plans, but just in case that’s not true here’s a bit of background.

 My name is Chris Shorrock and after two years of living and working in Swaziland I’m about to embark on a little adventure. This blog is going to chronicle my attempt to travel from Cape Town to Cairo overland using only public transport. It’s a long way and I’ve never been to any of the places along the way before, so the only thing I know is that over the next three months I’m going to spend a hellish amount of time packed into dirty, sweaty, crowded busses and ferries slowly making my way through the African bush. It’s going to be tough at times I’m sure, but hopefully it will be worth it. I think it might even be the adventure of a lifetime. And I’m excited!

Waiting for the bus (a practice run in Swaziland)!


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